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Security & Storage

  • Bar & Shield Padlock 45737-72A
    Classic round-body lock is perfect for use as a fork lock, or to secure protective cables or chains. This high-security lock features a tough case-hardened boron alloy shackle and easy-to-operate quarter-turn five-pin...
  • Double Looped Security Cable 94871-10
    This handy 7' x 10mm Double Looped Cable is very versatile. The vinyl-covered braided cable is flexible, and can be used to lock equipment to your bike. Loop it through the sleeve of your jacket and the strap of your helmet,...
  • Genuine Harley-Davidson Universal Helmet Lock
    To limit grab-and-run theft, just unlock the hinged clasp, hang your helmet by its strap, and relock with the included key. Your helmet is held securely in place. In addition, hanging your helmet reduces the risk of impact...
  • Genuine Helmet Lock
    This carabineer-style universal helmet lock protects your helmet, jacket or bag from casual grab-and go theft. The lock is small enough to fit into your pocket, but big enough to fit around most any handlebar or engine...
  • H-D 12mm Accessory Cable Lock 1,2 46090-98A
    This 12mm multi-purpose cable lock is ideal for securing helmets, leathers and other items. The braided steel cable features a protective vinyl cover and a soft molded lock cover to prevent scratches. The integrated lock...
  • H-D 20mm Super Hard Wire Cable Lock1,2 46089-98A
    This tempered steel cable lock features a smooth vinyl cover and a soft molded lock head to protect the frame and wheel from scratches. The braided and twisted cable offers improved cut resistance, and the integrated lock...
  • Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover
    Heavy-duty indoor/outdoor motorcycle cover is manufactured from 300 denier fade-resistant polyester. Orange/Black with Harley-Davidson graphics For indoor/outdoor use Weather-shielded vents in the top of the cover...
  • Lock Reminder Cord 46318-04
    Remember to remove your Disc or Fork Lock before beginning your ride with this high-visibility Reminder Cord. Flexible, coiled, bright orange cord loops from external lock to handlebar, acting as a visual indication that...
  • Motorcycle Cover Alarm - 69000038 .
    Protect your covered motorcycle from tampering. Self-contained alarm fits into the pocket on select H-D Motorcycle Covers. The snap swivel clips to spokes, rotors or other fixed parts and the cord leads back to the alarm pin...
  • Oasis Day Cover, Touring
    The Oasis Day Cover features black and orange water repellent fabric that dries quickly for a quick getaway. Made from soft water-repellent polyester Harley-Davidson script and Bar & Shield graphics prominently stand...
  • Premium Indoor Bike Cover for Harley-Davidson
    Protect your bike from dust and scratches and minimize corrosion during storage with the Premium Indoor Motorcycle Cover. Breathable polyester cover promotes air circulation to reduce moisture build-up and minimize...
  • Road King Saddlebag Lock Set 46316-04
    Add theft deterrence to your Road King rigid leather saddlebags. Special order keyed-to-match lock set available. Contact your Dealer with your vehicle key code. Kit includes two keys.
  • Security Chain & Shackle Lock
    This high-security Chain & Lock features a 12mm triple heat treated boron manganese 6-sided link steel chain, surrounded with an exclusive Bar & Shield Logo nylon webbing to provide protection against scratched...

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